Proof of Living Legendary

Live Legendary

Contacted by Ian Magrisso of Spore Branding, I was interviewed about living with a terminal diagnosis.  After 8 hours of filming, the 2 minute clip perfectly captures my message to Corbin.


News-Gazette: Woman writes book on her own murderer – cancer

Front page with details about book release weekend!


Pecha Kucha Volume 11

Say what?!  Pecha Kucha, or as I call it “PK,” is the art of concise presentations.  Each presenter has 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide with the slides automatically advancing.  Here’s my presentation, “Learning to Live Legendary.”


Honored to Sit the Bench with Illinois Women’s Basketball

Play for Kay 2013, Illinois 76, Minnesota 66.  Maybe I was their good luck charm?!


Huffington Post: Dating…with Cancer

Let’s face it, dating is hard.  Here’s a bold look at dating after diagnosis.  I was interviewed along with some of the Kings and Queens in Cancerland.


The Stupid Cancer Radio Show

I was honored to be featured in the Survivor Spotlight.  Click on the picture below, I’m on starting at the 13 minute mark.






Faces of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Click the link to see part of the video wall of Faces of MBC.  For each view, they’ll donate $1 up to $20,000.


Health Monitor’s Metastatic Cancer Guide

After seeing my story on Metastatic Breast Cancer Network’s site, I was contacted about being featured (and on the cover!) of Health Monitor’s new Metastatic Cancer Guide.









Patient Intro for Metastatic Breast Cancer Network Annual Conference



Metastatic Breast Cancer Network Patient Story

The Cliff’s Notes version of learning to live legendary.


Guest blog on Cells Gone Wild

Why I won’t be going back to Cancer Treatment Centers of America.


The Trillium Project

The story behind why “believe” is such a legendary piece of my vocabulary.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show

One of “The Magic 7 of 2011” was captured on film with the legendary Ellen DeGeneres!


Chambana Moms To Know

As a Chambana townie, this is one of the top local awards!


Team Jen video for The 3 Day

Although The 3 Day sends their own inspirational fundraising video, I decided it wasn’t personal enough, so I made one to tell our story.




A behind the scenes peek of how the start of the Champaign Urbana group affiliated with the Young Survival Coalition.