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Learning to Live Legendary

Educated as a counselor, Jennifer Smith is an elegant, yet spontaneous conversationalist whose passion is connecting with others. Trained as a counselor to listen, her words are powerful and deeply personal; inviting you to ask and answer those difficult questions that make life meaningful. Her story draws you in, her writing reads like an intimate story from your best friend. Her memoir captures a year of her journey through cancerland and gives an inspirational look at how to truly live legendary while dying.

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Reviews from Amazon:

The extraordinary life of a legend!

Jennifer Smith is as animated in print as she is in person. Her book, `Learning to Live Legendary’ is a magnified glimpse into a very personal battle with cancer. As you read her words, you can almost feel the very real and raw emotion with which it was written. I say `almost’ because I realize that no one can possibly know exactly how she feels. They may relate but they aren’t living it. Jennifer Smith is living it. True to the title, her life is undoubtedly legendary. Throughout her story, her words emit a very palpable sense of urgency. She convinces the reader that love and happiness is not just the ultimate but the immediate goal in life. It’s clear that she has achieved it. The proof is in the pudding (made up of her astounding support system of loving family members, and the truest friends in the world.) It is thrilling to read about her fairy-tale like dreams come true, in the midst of a nightmarish reality.

Perhaps Jennifer’s burden is our blessing. I wish our lesson wasn’t learned this way but she teaches us how to live in spite of life! She helps the reader become fully aware of all the repercussions that this horrible disease brings. She dispels any myths about cancer and explains the incredible toll it takes on the mind, body and spirit. It is evident that cancer has robbed her of good health. But it is also clear that she has been rewarded with opportunities that most people can’t dream of. Her eternal optimism and innate ability to help others is nothing short of inspirational.

Does she have the worst disease? In my opinion, yes, absolutely. Does she have the best life? In my opinion, yes, absolutely!

Thank you Jennifer Smith!

I just want to say Thank You to Jen for showing us all how to get up each day and celebrate life. Jen’s story will make you want to re-evaluate how you live your every day life. It will make you want to be a better mother, sister, daughter, friend, and overall human being. Learning To Live Legendary is Jen’s story about making her dreams come true rather than letting cancer get the best of her. She is a fighter and whether she wants to own it or not…she is an inspiration to others. I am turning 35 on the same day that Jen will be turning 36 in 2013 and to this day Jen is by far the memorable woman I have met. LEARNING TO LIVE LEGENDARY IS A MUST READ! You will want to continue to share in Jen’s journey of Living Legendary and you will not be able to forget her. You and Corbin are always is my prayers Jen! Thank you again for this book!

Just amazing and so real

As a Breast Cancer Survivor its true to the bone! But Jennifer is just amazing at telling it and not letting cancer define her. I say buy it for a survivor and caretaker and family…..She truly is a Warrior

What an inspiration!!

This book was so inspiring. Jennifer is such a role model for how to live in the moment. She really teaches others how to soak up life, regardless of the challenges and obstacles. This book will lift you up and make you plan that trip, buy that gift…for yourself and do something great!! Just a feel good book.


What an inspirational, yet real, look at what life is like for someone with metastatic breast cancer. Everyone who reads this wonderfully written book will look at life in a more positive way. If we could all have an ounce of Jen’s passion for life, the world would be a much better place. I have read the book several times. I use it as a reminder of what we have to live for each day.

Incredible inspirational story

I bought two copies of this book. One for me and one for my teenage daughter. I think that Jennifer’s attitude and perseverance are so inspirational, which is such an important message for young girls today. A well written memoir, well worth reading.

I love this woman and I love this book!

Just because you know someone doesn’t mean you know all that she’s been through and how her experiences have changed her and her view of the world. Reading Jen’s book has allowed me an “inside” view of her life for the past 5 years. It’s made me appreciate even more what a special woman she is and how much inner strength it takes to wake up every day and make the decision to be a cancer warrior. In addition to being about Jen’s battle with cancer, this book is also about the love a mother has for her son and how that love can make an already strong woman even stronger. If you want to get to know an incredible woman, read this book!


I read Jen’s book during a flight to a meeting that every ounce of my being did not want to be any part. I found myself laughing and crying and laughing some more that I thought the flight attendant would be sharing her stash of Xanax. Learning to Live Legendary helped me embrace my tough week and turn my negative attitude into a positive. Jen- you are my inspiration. Thank you for being you xoxoxox

Love it!!

This a a book EVERYONE should read. It’s not just for people with cancer. Jen’s story shows all of us to live each day like it’s your last, love your friends and family fiercely and to make a difference in the world. Very inspirational and put’s life in perspective. Jen is an excellent writer. I wish she would write another book about her life.

Uplifting and amazing

Jennifer is going through a terrible thing. Yet she’s one of the most positive upbeat people you’ll ever meet, talk to, or read about.

Her story is exciting and fun, despite the tragedy, and I think that’s Jen’s magic coming out. She’s taken one of the most personal (and difficult, frustrating, heart wrenching, you-name-a-bad-term-it-works) things that can happen to a person and made it public. Through it all you can see her strong faith and her absolute resilience. It’s more brave than I can say.

Her magic 7 experiences are defining and exciting. It’s almost hard to believe how they each came about. A little bit of providence, and a lot of love from friends. These experiences show that she’s living life, and doing so in the most legendary way she knows how. You will turn each page and be thrilled to read about, and even see a few pictures of, the things that are happening to Jen, her son, her family and her friends.

If you have a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or anyone in your life going through the stages of cancer pick this book up and see some of what they see. If you like to read something positive, pick this book up. If you are yourself struggling with this horrible disease, pick this book up.

I loved how at the very back of the book Jen lists resources and charities that she has found to be particularly fruitful in their work with cancer patients. In a world full of charities it’s hard to find the right ones and Jen boils it down and explains why she likes them.

My only complaint with this book: I simply wish there was more.
You can bet in the next year Jen continues this legendary journey!

Jennifer Smith is an inspiration.


A friend passed this lovely book along to me. This is a story that will motivate the reader to think about the here and now–remembering to love and live. Even after finishing this book, I find myself thinking back to Jen often, and wonder what wonderful way she is living legendary at that moment. It reminds me to try and do the same. Beautiful. Encouraging.


If you want to laugh, cry and everything in between, read this book. Not only is it a good read for someone facing breast cancer or any other type of cancer, it’s a good lesson for anyone. We ALL need to learn to live legendary!