Celebrating an Early Birthday


Corbin and I!

Corbin and I with the new scooter!

We have had many requests to see how Jen is doing so here is an update from our family:

 Although Jen’s fatigue and shortness of breath keep increasing and kept her in bed most of the time, Jen decided that she wanted to  surprise Corbin and do something fun when he came for a visit this past Saturday, so she decided to celebrate his 7th birthday a little early.  At first he was a little confused, saying “But it’s not my birthday yet”.  But when he heard he would get one present, he was all for it and said “Well, it’s pretty close–November 2nd.”
Jen made a scavenger hunt for him with 7 clues for his 7 years.  He had great fun running from place to place inside/outside and upstairs/downstairs to get the next clue.  Fred followed video-taping the fun.  The last clue was “Time to play with your FAVORITE!”  Corbin came running downstairs to where Jen was sitting and when he saw the Razor motorized scooter sitting beside Jen, he just stopped in his tracks with his eyes sparkling and his mouth in a big “O”!  Here is a picture of Jen and her un-birthday boy!  Jen went outside in her wheelchair with oxygen to see Corbin ride his new scooter up and down the sidewalk.
Since that time, Jen has steadily become more short of breath and fatigued. She is sleeping most of the time.  Hospice has been adjusting meds to keep her as comfortable as possible.  We thank you all for your continued prayers for Jen and our family.
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  1. Stacey Reply

    Thank you do much for the update. Please send my love !

    • Deb Basham RN,OCN Reply

      Thanks for updating, So glad that Corbin had a great early 7th Birthday!! I have been thinking of Jen all week. Wondering how she was doing. I have returned to Carle Cancer Center.
      Prayers to you and rest of family!!


  2. Leslie Smith Reply

    Thank you guys so much for sharing this! Man, that girl is just always beautiful, isn’t she?

  3. Wanda Crouse Reply

    What a great idea for both Jen and Corbin. Happy Un-birthday, Corbin. Many blessings, Jen. Praying for you both.


  4. Andrea Wallace Reply

    Thank you for the update. What an amazing mother you continue to be Jen. You truly are an inspiration to all. You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

  5. Loren Anderson Reply

    You’re beautiful, Jen.

  6. Amy Reply

    What an amazing mommy. Your love shines through this photo.

  7. Elizabeth Angelo Reply

    Thank you for the update. I know so many people are thinking of Jen and praying for your whole family. What a wonderful early birthday present!

  8. Kelly Bost Reply

    Thanks so much for the update – what a wonderful birthday idea! My prayers are with you all.

  9. Karen Flynn Reply

    Wow~even with declining health, still made such a special memory for Corbin…she amazes me. My thoughts are with all of you. I know God is closely watching over Jen and your whole family during this very difficult time. May you feel His warmth and comfort. Karen

  10. Christine Reply

    Thank you for the update! What a special moment for Jen! Making every moment count! Happy un-birthday Corbin!

  11. Mia Donovan Reply

    Thanks for the update. How wonderful that Corbin and Jen got to celebrate with a special birthday scavenger hunt! Jen, you are an inspiration. Sending love and good thoughts. hugs, Mia

  12. Laura Topps Reply

    Such a beautiful picture! May God Bless you and your family. Sending lots of prayers for comfort.

  13. Lisa Adams Reply

    Thank you for the update. I check many times a day to see if there is a post from you. I have no words of comfort. This disease takes too many of us too soon from our loving families. Jen lives in my heart now and always.

  14. Dale Carroll Coleman Reply

    Such beauty woven between the most difficult and hard places. I am touched that you allow us in and blessed by your beauty and grace. You have taught us all much and I thank you for your generosity. I find myself in prayer you throught the day. May God be rich in His mercies and grace to all of You. He is faithful.

  15. Becky Ryherd Reply

    So selfless, living every day with love for your son. Brave and full of Grace.

  16. Cheri Reply

    What a fun idea! And shiny, red wheels are a perfect gift! Happy Unbirthday, Corbin! Keeping your family in much love and prayer. xoxo

  17. Jessica Sullivan Reply

    What a beautiful update. Thank you for thinking of all of us that love Jen when you have so much more to be concerned with. Only Jen could still be radiant in the face of death. Continued prayers for all of you.

  18. pam grossman Reply

    sending all my love to jen, corbin, and all family and loved ones. she is amazing. xoxoxo

  19. Kathy Reply

    Thank you for sharing!! My mind is consumed with thoughts of Jen every day! (((Hugs))).

  20. Mary-Robins Aunt Reply

    Wonderful memories for your son.hugs

  21. Fi Parker Reply

    What a beautiful thing do…although I don’t know you Jen, you are the definition of grace

  22. Tweety Yates Reply

    Thanks so much for the update! You have all been in my thoughts and prayers daily.

  23. Laura Dahl Reply

    So glad Corbin had a great early birthday with his mom! My prayers continue for you and your family.
    Love, Laura

  24. Rose Hudson Reply

    Thinking of all the family and sending prayers!

  25. Ruthie FitzRandolph Reply

    Jen, our hearts go out to you and your family. You have been so amazing and graceful through this whole ordeal. We pray for your comfort, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Corbin is a lucky little guy to have you for his mom. His love for you clearly matches yours for him. Although we have never actually met, we love you and hold you close to our hearts. Take care sweet lady.
    Ruthie & Jessi FitzRandolph

  26. Hollye Jacobs Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. I think of Jen so very very often and check Living Legendary frequently. Please send my love and support to Jen.

  27. Dorcasanna Reply

    Happy early birthday Corbin!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your beautiful Mama and fabulous family.

  28. Tammi Clifton Reply

    What an incredible, FUN day you both had!! Corbin will always remember the day he got his shiny red scooter!! God Bless you my dear friend!! Our prayers continue for you and your family!!

    Love, Tammi and Linda xoxo

  29. Laura Christman Reply

    Praying for you dear Jen! You are the most selfless and amazing mother anyone could ever wish for… I am so glad that you were able to share another precious and unforgettable moment with Corbin! You and Corbin will be in my heart forever.
    Love, Laura

  30. Stacey Reply

    Thinking of Jen every day and wishing Corbin a great 7th birthday tomorrow. Miss you, Jen! What a great mom and friend.

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