Take Time

Take Time

My high school youth group leader gave me the picture below, I took it with me to college, and then always had it on my desk during my career at Parkland College.  While cleaning out the basement today, I found it…and it couldn’t be truer right now:


Take Time To

Work…it is the price of success

Play…it is the secret of perpetual youth

Think…it is the source of power

Read…it is the fountain of wisdom

Pray…it is conversation with God

Laugh…it is the music of the soul

Listen…it is the pathway to understanding

Dream…it is hitching your wagon to a star

Worship…it is the highway or reverence

Love and be loved…it is the gift of God


And, I have felt the love!  In just one week (!) people have given over $14,000 for my fundraiser!!!  I am blown away by the generosity of friends, family, children, and complete strangers.  And, I completely realize that some people are not in the place to give right now, but I know they are still praying, sending positive thoughts, kind emails, and thoughtful cards.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude at the outpouring of LOVE.

On Wednesday I head to Indy for a baseline scan, labs, physical, etc.  Then, the following Tuesday I will be there for 8 hours as I start the first day of the trial.  As always, my awesome mom is going with me and keeping me company.

Eternal thanks for the support!!



Living legendary as a mom with Stage IV breast cancer. Author of Learning to Live Legendary and What You Might Not Know: My Life as a Stage IV Cancer Patient.
  1. Kristin Schwickerath Reply

    Best of luck with the trial, know that my prayers are with you always.

    • Jen
      Jen Reply

      Thanks, Kristin! I hope you are doing well! Did your Fab-U-Wish get approved? I thought your video was great!

  2. Tammi Clifton Reply

    Hi Jen – I am so happy to hear you have received $14K for your fundraiser! That is amazing!! I am so grateful to be your friend and am inspired by you every day!! I am making some good headway on my book and spurred on by the fact you have already written TWO books!! You are are an amazing woman and such an inspiration to all!! God bless you!! Love, Tammi

  3. Laura Curry Reply

    Hi Jen! Positive thoughts for you as you begin your trial. I want to say thank you for writing your last book. Read it last week and I couldn’t put it down. I felt like I was given a small glimpse into your world in a very honest and sharing way. I plan to use the information learned within in many areas of my life. You are a true inspiration, thank you so much for sharing.

    • Jen
      Jen Reply

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Laura! It wasn’t easy to write, but I’m glad it is educating others!

  4. Al Balkcom Reply

    Jen, praying for you and wishing you luck on your trials. My wife Cindy is now on Aromisin and Afinator daily. After only 5 weeks her markers have gone from 157 down to 65 . Hoping her scans in 3 months show improvement to . This the best she has done in the three years that she has been on chemo. Thoughts and prayers are with you for success. Al

    • Jen
      Jen Reply

      Al, I was on Aromisin and Afinator daily last summer. I had a GREAT quality of life. Unfortunately the cancer didn’t respond to it. That’s wonderful that Cindy’s markers have fallen! Hoping her scan shows that as well!

  5. Beth Schwendeman Reply

    Dear Jen, Safe travels today and praying for positive treatments. Luv you Mark and Beth

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