Year End Review

With 2012 complete, I thought I’d recap the year with a review of the Delightful Dozen and a quick health update.


While keeping the biggest secret of my life, I finished editing, proofing, and formatting my book Learning to Live Legendary.  If you haven’t read it, click on the “book” tab above to order through Amazon.




Although I’m not an athlete, I was inducted into Parkland College’s Athletic Hall of Fame!  I worked closely with many of the athletes during my near 10 year career.




I celebrated my birth MONTH with the theme “I’m 35 and STILL alive!”  I had dessert and was able to celebrate with my family and SO many friends, the perfect present was their presence.




I wasn’t the only one celebrating a birthday this year, my Mom turned 60!  We celebrated by participating in the Illinois Marathon (my sister, Sara, and “sister” Irene completed the half marathon).  Corbin and I completed the kid’s marathon.  We also took my mom to a surprise weekend in Chicago filled with lots of memories.4.1-April4-April



My tradition with Corbin continued, a different amusement park, each year over Mother’s Day weekend.  This year we headed to L.A. and met up with dear friends who joined us on our adventures.

5.1-May 5.2-May



I don’t play the “cancer card” often, but I did in June!  Thanks to my friend, Erica Strama, from college, I was able to get tickets to the Season Finale of “Giuliana and Bill” at their restaurant, RPM Italian, in Chicago.  My best friend, Ashley, joined me as we enjoyed a night eating, laughing, and smiling for pictures.




My nephew, Jaxson, turned 1!  It is so exciting to be here for all the milestones in his life.




Believe.  The legendary goal I set back in 2008 was finally here.  I took Corbin to his first day of kindergarten!!!

8.1 Aug



It was five years ago I heard the words, “You have cancer.”  Although those words are still true, I wanted to celebrate my cancerversary by proving I’m NOT a statistic.  Although my best friend moved out of state over the summer, I traveled to see her new place and celebrate with her.

photo (8)



While Pinktober can bring pinknausea from everything being covered in pink for breast cancer “awareness” I was able to attend two amazing events.  I was asked to share my patient story at the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network annual conference.  To see the brief video click on “Proof of Living Legendary.”


The following weekend I was a guest at Bright Pink‘s VIPink.  It turned in to an unofficial reunion with many friends from college attending to show their love and support.

photo (9)



My baby is 6!  Now it takes 2 hands to show his age, so we’re going with the full five fingers and a thumb’s up!




I never could have guessed this would be the last Delightful Dozen, but it’s true, I saved the best for last!  My sister is engaged!!  I’m beyond excited and am enjoying watching her plan her dream wedding.



It’s been a legendary year, there’s no other way to describe it!  On Wednesday I’ll head for another round of the quint-chemo cocktail.  I’ll have chemo for two weeks, then two weeks off and then time for another scan.

Since I’ve outgrown my carepage, this is where all future updates will happen.  A new year of course equals a new theme, “2013: The Thrilling Thirteen!”

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful year as well, I’d love to hear how your year was legendary!




Living legendary as a mom with Stage IV breast cancer. Author of Learning to Live Legendary and What You Might Not Know: My Life as a Stage IV Cancer Patient.
  1. Cheri Gorrell Reply

    LOVE this new site and you sure did have a legendary year in 2012! I am looking forward to your Thrilling 13!


  2. Laura Dahl Reply

    Love your new blog Jen! I will be sure to check in often and I’m looking forward to your 2013 post!


  3. Jennifer Prokash Reply

    Looks like it was an amazing year for you! You are such an inspiration.

  4. Tracy G. Reply

    Hey Jen!!! 🙂 It is so GREAT to see your smiling face. Corbin is getting SOOOOO big. Things are really good here. 🙂 Our wedding date is 03/02….FINALLY. Big HUG to you and Corbin!!!

  5. Casey Schmidt Reply

    Wow, Girl….Looking at your 2012 overview is truly increidible, inspiring and just down right Beautiful to see how fully you are living your life! I’m so excited for the new website and all the great thrilling things that await you in 2013!!!

    My heart is with you, you have a permanent home in my thoughts, prayers, and especially my Heart!
    Casey Schmidt 🙂

  6. Sara Reply

    Hi Jen,
    What a great new blog! Love all the pictures~ We are so excited about Sara’s engagement news. 🙂 Thank you for sharing ~ I look forward to following the “Thrilling Thirteen”…Love, Sara

  7. Karen Reply

    Jen, Beautiful job on this posting! I should take the time to look at my blessings of 2012 as well. Thanks for reminding me the importance of stopping to smell the flowers. Congrats to your sister! The picture of them is adorable.


  8. Tracy C. Reply

    Hi Jen,
    Happy New Year! Great website and great first post! I loved the year-end summary, I was overcome with emotion. Cheers to 2013, Learning to Live Legendary and the Thrilling Thirteen!

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