Exciting News!

Since my last update was so long, I’ll keep this one brief, but it’s exciting!

Most importantly, there is NO cancer in the hip!!  The MRI scan showed some swelling in a muscle, but no cancer!  Yahoo, this means I’m back to Stable Mable!!!!!!  Gosh I’ve missed her and I hope she decides to hang around for awhile because I have some Legendary things planned!!!

So exciting news…Corbin and I are on a national cover now!  We’re on the cover of Health Monitor’s Metastatic Cancer guide.  This guide is for all types of metastatic cancer, but I’m so honored that they asked me to be on the cover.  These are in doctor’s offices across the country!  You can down load the guide here, just click “download our guide” on the right hand side here

If you read my book, would you do me a favor and leave a review on Amazon?  Just click here If you left a review on the publisher (Lulu) site, it didn’t transfer to Amazon like I thought it would.  I appreciate all the kind words and feedback and am starting to think about another one.  Thank YOU!

Thank you for all the prayers, they are being answered!  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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