Worst Nightmare

Every parent’s worst nightmare…I posted a topless photo of myself online.  No wait, every parent’s worst nightmare is their child having cancer.  But, I did post a topless photo online.  Since it is breast cancer AWARENESS month, I thought people should truly be aware of what breast cancer looks like.  Now that you’re aware, let’s move on to breast cancer ACTION.

There have been some excellent articles written this month including:

The Pinkwashing of Breast Cancer

The Infantilization of Breast Cancer

Friend and fellow Stage IV gal pal Jennie Grimes

Research vs Helping the Individual

 My Friends Are Dying and It Isn’t Because of Lack of Awareness


Thought I’d provide some reading, in case you’re tired of hearing about the election.  One of the brilliant things Jennie points out in her blog is that 40,000 Americans die each year from breast cancer.  That roughly equates to a 9/11 each month, year after year after year.  But, in this case, the terrorists aren’t on planes…the terrorists are a rouge cell in our own body that rapidly duplicates itself and grows resistant to treatment.  As I write this I sit chained to an IV pump starting the first of 5 (!) chemos today.  Hopefully the toxic therapy will kill the terrorist cells in my own body.

This weekend I’m thrilled to attend the national Metastatic Breast Cancer Network conference and I’m honored to have been asked to briefly share my story and introduce one of the keynote speakers.  That is definitely my October Delight!  I’ll be sure to post the video once it is on their website.



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