The Celebration Continues!

First, the bad news: The trip to Cancer Treatment Centers of America proved to be completely worthless and possibly harmful. I had four scans, each time injected with a radioactive tracer. The tracer and the actual scan can cause cancer, so I try to avoid having the scans more than absolutely necessary. For my consult with their team of staff, they looked at my scans from up there, but did NOT compare it to my previous scans. I then learned that although they had my previous scans for over a month, they couldn’t open them due to “compatibility issues.” Anger and rage pulsed through me once I learned this. I was abundantly clear that I was coming for a 2nd opinion. My four days up there, four scans were for absolutely nothing (except increasing my chance at getting a secondary cancer). My local cancer center was able to view the new scans; however they aren’t as detailed as my regular scan. Now I need another scan next month so we can see if the disease is stable or progressing. You won’t need to watch for me to be a spokesperson on their commercials; I’m completely disgusted at how I was treated.

Now the LEGENDARY news: Corbin’s first week of kindergarten has gone incredibly well! The very first day his teacher called and said, “Corbin had such a great day today! He was a good leader, listened really well, and helped some of the other kids.” I think he pulled one over on her, but I’m so proud that his first day went so well! Allyson Sanborn, of Sweet Pea Photography, came over and captured some beautiful images.

Next week I’ll celebrate my 5 year cancerversary on 9/7/12. When I was diagnosed my oncologist said, “Based off the pathology and aggressiveness of the cancer…if you have surgery, 6 months of chemotherapy, 7 weeks of daily radiation therapy and then anti-hormonal therapy; you’ll have an 85% chance at being cancer-free in 5 years.” While I’m not cancer-free, I am incredibly thankful to still be here!



  1. Barb Knott Reply

    My son Kevin knott encouraged me to read your book…great story… It sure makes a person look at life in a different perspective.

    Great book!!! I will be thinking of you and your son!!

    Take care!!

    Barb Knott
    St. Joseph, IL

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