Miracle?! Yep!

Today I met with my oncologist to review my scan and chest x-ray from Friday.  He said he saw the results this weekend and was in disbelief.  He said, “I’ve been doing this almost 3 decades and I don’t ever remember having a patient so heavily treated respond like this.  I don’t know if it’s a miracle or what, but we’ll take it.”  My sister said, “I vote miracle.”  Me too.  🙂


In other exciting news, I’m the featured story on the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network website and in their next newsletter.  Check this out: http://mbcn.org/get-involved/category/your-stories !   And, to make it a trifecta of good news, I’ve sold over 500 books!  It should be on Amazon soon, but you can order from me or directly from the site:  http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/learning-to-live-legendary/12414019  Something that started as a “thank you” has truly become Legendary!


Thank you, my amazing prayer warriors, you are witnessing a miracle.



Living legendary as a mom with Stage IV breast cancer. Author of Learning to Live Legendary and What You Might Not Know: My Life as a Stage IV Cancer Patient.

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