Amazingly, sometimes I actually listen

Amazingly, sometimes I actually listen.

Both of my degrees are in social work with a specialization in child and family therapy.  So you might think I’m a good listener.  I am…unless it’s someone telling me what to do.  My parents can vouch for this.  Maybe it was the umpteenth time someone said it that it actually hit home.  “You should write a book.”  My reply used to always be, “Yeah, in all my free time, right?”  Working full-time, being a divorced single mom, and in active treatment for Stage IV breast cancer, there wasn’t much “free time.”  But, this last year was truly magical, so this fall I started writing.  Actually it was more like written rambling.  There wasn’t any structure, there wasn’t a real focus, but there were words.


In October, I was driving home from Cleveland after an emergency trip to say good-bye to a dear friend.  It poured the entire drive home making it difficult to see at times.  Struggling to focus on the road, my mind became entirely clear.  It was as if God jumped into my mind, cleaned out all the gunk, fears, and distractions and left me with the layout of the book.  If you’ve read “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, you know he is giving the last lecture to his group of students at Carnegie Mellon.  The lecture isn’t a summary of what they’ve learned in his class.  Pausch, who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, turned the lecture in to “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.”  If you haven’t read the book, buy it now, you won’t regret it.  Anyway, it all became clear that my book would be about the Magic 7 of 2011, but it would dive deeper into the background of how each of the 7 happened and why each one was so important.


My hope was to write the book as a “thank you” to each of the many people who helped with the Magic 7 of 2011.  My goal was to have it completed in time to surprise them with it for my birthday.  And, I did surprise them; their reactions were truly priceless!


Now,  I’ve decided to share it.  If you live in CU, I’m happy to deliver it to you and save you the shipping charges.  You can write a check, pay with cash, or pay through paypal (  $12.95 or $15.00 with shipping.  You can also see a preview and order directly from the website:


I’ve included “Jen’s Top Ten.”  It’s a list of AMAZING cancer-related charities that don’t have million dollar marketing budgets but deserve support because of the direct impact they have on individual lives.


My birth month is full of surprises, I’m glad I got to be on the giving end of such a big one!



Living legendary as a mom with Stage IV breast cancer. Author of Learning to Live Legendary and What You Might Not Know: My Life as a Stage IV Cancer Patient.

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