Starting the Delightful Dozen

When I was diagnosed Stage IV in 2008, Corbin was just two years old.  My main goal became to see him go to kindergarten.  And, although that goal hasn’t been reached, I am getting close enough I can almost see it!  This past week, I’ve been able to tour elementary schools for Corbin.  (I realize if you’re outside of Champaign, this may sound wacky.)  Although I haven’t selected my choices yet, it’s so satisfying to be here and learn more about each school in hopes of finding the best fit for Corbin.  I will be the parent crying on the first day of kindergarten for multiple reasons.  Shopping for school supplies will definitely be one of the Delightful Dozen!


Speaking of the Delightful Dozen, I wanted to invite you to the February DD.  I’m being inducted in to the Parkland Athletic Hall of Fame!  Before you start laughing too hard from trying to picture me as an athlete, I’m being inducted as the “supporter.”  Parkland College athletes were among the thousands of students I worked with for almost ten years.  It was a complete surprise and a humble honor when I found out I was chosen for this award.  The ceremony will take place at half time during the men’s game on February 11th at 4 pm.  Come out, join us, and cheer on the Cobras!

Today was another day with lab work, doctor’s appointment, and chemotherapy infusion.  I’ll have another round of chemo next week, then scans in early February.  The hope is that lesions in the bones look STABLE since the main tumors have been removed.  I’ll update once I know more.


Lastly, I came across this quote today from “There No Place Like HOPE” by Vickie Girard:

“It has been said that the greatest gift that can be given is to lay down one’s life for another. Well, many of my loved ones’ lives have been laid down, put on hold, and set aside as I fight for mine. It is truly a fight beyond measure. You walk through the darkness with me, not because you are ill and have to, but because you choose to. *I was drafted, but you enlisted.* I recognize and appreciate the difference more than words can every say. YOU are my hero, my support, and my reason for fighting.”


I don’t say it often enough…thank YOU for the support, love, prayers, and encouragement.




Living legendary as a mom with Stage IV breast cancer. Author of Learning to Live Legendary and What You Might Not Know: My Life as a Stage IV Cancer Patient.

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